• customised tiffin serrvice


Yes, you can virtually design your own meals. The idea is to tickle your palate, every day. Just choose more than one plan of your choice from:

Traditional Indian Plate (Veg/ Non-Veg): In this we offer you our “Grand” meal plan comprising of roti, dal, rice, salad, raita, and dessert with an option to choose from a Veg or Von-Veg curry dish along with an additional Veg dish to complete the meal.
Stuffed Paratha Plate (Veg/ Non-Veg): Our authentic Stuffed Paratha Plate offers variety of Stuffed Paratha meals in the Veg option, while in the Non-Veg option – you will have chicken kheema & egg paratha meals. KOMP parathas won’t be greasy and are cooked in premium quality oil and ghee.
Mouthwatering Biryani Plate (Veg/ Non-Veg): You can opt for finger-licking good Veg or Non-Veg Biryani meals. The Veg biryani is sautéed with succulent vegetables of the season or softest paneer, while the Non-Veg biryani will give you a choice of mutton, chicken, egg or prawns. Richly flavoured KOMP biryanis are so good, you keep asking for more.
Special Khichdi Plate (Veg): For those who want to opt for simpler and lighter meals, there is the Special Veg Khichdi Plate. A rich broth of rice and pulses cooked together, with desi ghee ka tadka - slurp! Simply delightful.
Noodles Plate (Veg/ Non-Veg): For those who are looking for some more variety in their daily lunch meals i.e. variety with a Chinese twist. They can book this meal as part of their customised meal and relish it.
Traditional Indian Plate (Veg/ Non-Veg)(MON - SAT)
Veg Full
(Large Portion)
3 Chapatis + Veg Dish 1 + Veg Dish 2 + Dal + Rice + Salad / Raita / Dessert
Non Veg Full
(Large Portion)
3 Chapatis + Non Veg Dish + Veg Dish + Dal + Rice + Salad / Raita / Dessert

Stuffed Paratha Plate (Veg/ Non-Veg)(TUE | THU | SAT)
Herb Paneer Paratha Plate-(Tue)
2 Stuffed Herb Paneer Paratha + Curd + Pickle
Gobhi Paratha Plate-(Tue)
2 Stuffed Gobhi Paratha + Curd + Pickle
Dal Paratha Plate-(Thu)
2 Stuffed Dal Paratha + Curd + Pickle
Green Peas Paratha Plate-(Thu)
2 Stuffed Green Peas Paratha + Curd + Pickle
Aaloo Paratha Plate-(Sat)
2 Stuffed Aaloo Paratha + Curd + Pickle
Mix Veg Paratha Plate-(Sat)
2 Stuffed Mix Veg Paratha + Curd + Pickle
Chicken Kheema Paratha Plate-(Tue | Thu | Sat)
2 Stuffed Chicken Kheema Paratha + Curd + Pickle
Egg Paratha Plate-(Tue | Thu | Sat)
2 Stuffed Egg Paratha + Curd + Pickle

Mouthwatering Biryani Plate (Veg/ Non-Veg)(MON | WED | FRI)
Veg Biryani
Veg Biryani + Raita + Papad
Paneer Biryani
Paneer Biryani + Raita + Papad
Chicken Biryani
Chicken Biryani + Raita + Papad
Mutton Biryani
Mutton Biryani + Raita + Papad
Egg Biryani
Egg Biryani + Raita + Papad
Prawns Biryani
Prawns Biryani + Raita + Papad

Special Khichdi Plate (Veg)(TUE | THU | SAT)
Spl. Veg Khichdi
Veg Khichdi (With Desi Ghee Tadka) + Aaloo Bharta + Papad + Pickle

Noodles Plate (Veg/ Non-Veg)(MON | WED | FRI)
Veg Noodles Plate
Veg Noodles + Veg Manchurian Gravy
Chicken Noodles Plate
Chicken Noodles + Chicken Manchurian Gravy
*Meal Prices are exclusive of all Taxes.
**Delivery Charges : 5 Days – Rs. 200 | 10 Days – Rs. 300 | 22 Days – Rs. 660 |44 Days – Rs. 1320