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There is no diet that will do what healthy eating does
Skip the diet. Eat healthy.
KOMP gives you that option.

  • Are you a bachelor living alone, who hates to eat outside all the time and craves for "Ghar ka Khanna"?
  • Do you wish to receive a lunch tiffin at your workplace that not only takes care of the taste but your health too?
  • Is your busy schedule stopping you from planning elaborate meals for yourself?
  • Does pottering around in the kitchen bore you to sleep?
  • Do you want to offer a delicious tiffin service to your employees as part of a strategic retention tool but without burning a huge hole in your pocket?
  • Are you looking for a reliable tiffin service for your school children that will supply safe, nutritious, healthy and well-balanced meals without asking for the moon?

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Fret not. You have a SOLUTION in the KOMP - Kitchen on My Plate. KOMP offers pre-planned meal packages that a customer can customise to his liking. KOMP lets you enjoy “Ghar ka Khana” at very affordable rates and hassle-free packages. As your virtual cook, KOMP offers a wide array of meal options in vegetarian and non-vegetarian section to choose from. Each option is not just finger-licking good but highly nutritious and prepared under very hygienic conditions.

As each colourful fruit and vegetable represents some health benefit in the form of nutrients, KOMP tries to use an array of fruits and vegetables in its monthly menu planning, thus making the meals wholesome, balanced and an enjoyable treat for all in the family. The tiffin service also uses vegetable and fruit purifiers to clear them of all surface pollutants before using the ingredients in cooking.

We are a team of professionals who are foodies to the core, and who love to feed as well. As we know in today’s fast paced life grab-n-go & take-away meals are easy options but might not be always nourishing. So, with the advice from dietary experts on making each meal wholesome, our seasoned chefs take this as a priority while designing the weekly meal menu ensuring a nutritiously well-balanced appetizing food is delivered to you. It has been our dream to come up with a concept of Healthy & Tasty Meal Service for our customers, with a vision of contributing towards a healthy lifestyle of the society.

Moreover, the dash of care and consideration that KOMP packs into its meals makes us even more yumilicious, to say the least.

Best of all, you can order from KOMP's set meal plans or customise your own meal - vegetarian or non-vegetarian - just as you will at home. At KOMP, you can plan your meal in advance as part of a 10 or 22 day package.

Simplicious, isn't it?