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We are not surprised when a mother tells us that her child is very fussy about food and it’s a task to make him/her eat well at school. Children are perhaps the most difficult to please when it comes to food. But food is energy and it is important for growing children to be physically fit and healthy.

Does that mean the same old un-appetizing sandwiches, paratha or biscuits every day? Nope. We at Kitchen On My Plate (KOMP) understand that children need a balance - balance of taste, smell, colour and nutrients and not to forget an essential part- variety. For us, nutritious food also means tasty food. We prepare healthy, tasty and visually attractive meals for children that they would look forward to eating every day. We have mouth-watering recipes that will make even the greens palatable.

Under this service head, the school can tie up with KOMP in providing healthy school lunch. We will make sure the kids enjoy the food and stay healthy.

School authorities can contact us to discuss plans, menus and specific nutritional requirements for this meal service.

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